What is brand persona? Why is it so important? How does it affect your business?

Brand persona is one of the most important characteristics of any business, and yet in our experience one of the most neglected areas in business today. What is brand persona, and why is it so important? Your brand has an image. When branding a business or company a great amount of time is taken to ensure the branding portrays the image that management believe will attract more clients. This is an imperative step in the start-up phase, but it isn’t and shouldn’t be the first nor the most important.  

In our experience before the branding of any company takes place the brand persona should be agreed on and an approach to market strategy should be in place. By documenting and designing a strategy around the brand’s persona and approach to market, you are laying the foundations for a more concise and aligned corporate image.  

Why should brand persona come first?

Deciding on brand persona highlights your principles and values and incorporates these into your brand. The conscious decision to prioritise these sets the standard that the company holds itself accountable to.

For instance, if a company holds its integrity and the value it adds to its clients as two of its most important values, it makes sense that its approach to market and marketing strategy wouldn’t include aggressive Facebook and re-marketing campaigns or high-volume emails. The message it portrays in its marketing material would also align with its values and principles. If the company prioritises its integrity and value add to clients, it would be sending a confused message by releasing sales driven copy. In actual fact, you would expect to see any material released to have a purpose either to inform or add value to its target market.  

On the other hand, if a company values sales and growth, their brand persona would be quite different. An aggressive, unforgiving marketing strategy is often adopted by companies with sales at the core of its values. This has its advantages, but in our experience isn’t sustainable long term. 

Over the years we have found that best results have come from aligning the values and principals of a company with their culture, which then has a flow on effect into the brand persona. When deciding on how a company should present itself, it needs to make sure its strategy is fit for purpose.  

Perception of a business is vital, a brand’s persona sets the standard for its image and interactions with its clients and target market, a simple Facebook campaign that seems spammy in the wrong industry could have a disastrous effect.

A bad perception of any business in the social media age could spell the end.   

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