Although some industries still generate value from lead generation through social and PPC campaigns (eCommerce and B2C), it is becoming a less sustainable approach. There are countless agencies that offer lead generation strategies on social and paid search platforms.

As these ad platforms are in fact marketplaces, they’re becoming increasingly competitive as brands continuously prioritise their ad spends through these mediums. It’s also important to note that end-users are also becoming more immune to the ad formats.

Don’t get me wrong, these platforms have a place in your strategy. It just needs to be a well-rounded and carefully planned strategy that takes a holistic view of the full plan. Using these lead generation strategies requires a well-targeted approach, adding value to your target market.

The most important part? What you say, how you say it, and when you say it.

It is important to stick to your brand voice (what you say) and persona (how you say it) and only reach out when you have something of value to add (when you say it). This is more relevant than ever within the B2B service industry. These users will traditionally prefer to engage with valuable content than an influx of irrelevant posts.

Yes, as active as you can be on social media the better, BUT, make it worth your audience’s while, and also try switching up the median you use. Posted a blog article yesterday? Why not try a video on a similar or different topic today?

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What is the truth about lead generation?

For most companies it is imperative to know and set the expectation that not all industries are able to use social and PPC campaigns as an unlimited ‘lead tap’. Chances are, if you’re not targeting at an emotional purchase, the results can be unpredictable.

There is an old school theory called ‘The Rule of 7’, that says a prospect needs to read, hear or watch your marketing message a minimum of seven times before actually converting. This is so much more relevant in today’s digital space.

The only real exception to this is an emergency buy. For an emergency buy, you would want to have already positioned yourself in such a way that you’re the first service provider the potential client thinks of when said emergency happens.

It is more important now than ever before, to plan out how you will engage with your potential clients. Keep in mind ‘The Rule of 7’ when designing this strategy. Think about your content and how to leverage it as many ways as possible whilst staying within the guidelines set by the platforms themselves. Most of all, plan your content distribution in an acceptable manner so you don’t come across as ‘spammy’ or superficial.

Keep in mind this is a minimum of SEVEN times, and currently with the clutter on social channels and major search engines becoming so much more competitive, it is essential to add value before trying to overzealously sell to these prospects.

How does lead generation fit in the overall plan?

When planning your marketing strategy, you need to consider the full customer lifecycle of your client/potential client. To grow a new lead from prospect to advocate is the only way to truly get value from your marketing strategy. Most of our clients are B2B service-based companies, and truly embrace and follow this strategy to maximise their results.

For these clients, paid lead generation is a small part of a much larger strategy and is really only ever used to penetrate new markets or increase engagement around a new or otherwise unknown service that they provide.

Most of their results are driven through other means, like:

       Consistent organic social posting

       SEO efforts

       Quality website builds

       A solid lifecycle automation strategy

       Quality support with no strings attached


       Upselling other services current clients may not know you provide

By allocating a budget across these areas, we have been able to establish them as authorities within their industries. It also enhances the value for and from their clients, by focusing on value adding campaigns and advocate building.

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