Client Lifecycle Automation

We help you find new clients and turn them into advocates

Have you optimised the client lifecycle journey for your business? Your prospects go through many different stages, from interest and awareness, to actively comparing, using and (hopefully) recommending your products or services.

But prospects have different needs to consider at different stages of their journey. The good news is that RedEx Digital can help you set up and optimise your client lifecycle journey with marketing automation.

Perfect Customer Lifecycle

We’ll help you harness marketing automation to optimise your client lifecycle:

  • Set up customer scoring and lifecycle stages
  • Integrate tracking of customers on your website (see when known prospects are browsing pages on your site)
  • Install live chat on your website and integrate it with your CRM
  • Develop an email nurture program
  • Create triggers based on interactions with your website and emails
  • Identify what stage your clients are at, and be alerted when you need to contact them or take action

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