Content Creation

Content creation is an absolutely integral part of any marketing strategy

To attract new leads and prospects and retain your current clients, you need to be generating engaging material that can be interacted with on a daily basis.

This can be anything from shooting and editing videos or recording podcasts to writing a blog or a value adding document such as a checklist or e-book.

There are some things to keep in mind though when creating your own company content, and we can offer expert advice in these areas:

  • Keeping your content consistent and on brand. We optimise whatever it is you’re sending out into the digital space with your company assets (logo, brand voice, design/style guide elements like font and colours). We can especially help in areas like animation, audio-visual quality and coherency of design for this.
  • Adding created content to your social posting schedule. We will also use your social strategy to generate new content and ideas that add to your strategy, not interrupt it.
  • Turning your value-adding documents (checklists, calculators, e-books etc.) into lead generation items for customers at each stage of their lifecycle journey.
  • Surveys and EDM marketing to send to prospects and leads, adding to your lifecycle nurturing plan.
  • Creating and reviewing your blogs and articles, targeting them for keywords to help with SEO and consulting experts to generate meaningful posts.
  • Developing your content schedule in a way that distributes your content assets across a multitude of different platforms and social/digital channels. Getting your content in the right place at the right time to optimise engagement and traffic.

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