Email marketing is an extremely effective and personally engaging way to contact your target audience about your services. However, we are all way too familiar with the absolute annoyance that is spam emails, sometimes even ones that we don’t remember subscribing to. To get your message past spam detectors (both bots and humans) and to keep your reader interested the whole way through your email, here are our five top tips for email content writing.


  1. Use the right tone for the content and your audience.

Really nailing what kind of voice is appropriate for the correspondence is so important – you don’t want to send out a bright, bold salesy spectacle of a promotional email if the content is more conversational in tone. Likewise, if the brand image doesn’t correspond with the tone you’re writing in, you might want to rethink your style. If your brand persona is more serious, a more formal tone should be adopted etc.

  1. A great tip for optimising your email marketing and writing any kind of consumable content in general is to write directly to one person.

When writing as if you are talking to just one individual in your target market, you can even imagine how you would phrase or word certain things if you were speaking to them face to face. One way to simplify this technique is to use more instances of ‘you’ and ‘your’. Make the adjustment to put your reader at the centre of the writing, not your company.

  1. Don’t forget to split your text up!

Using huge chunks of text is death for all email marketers who target mobile phone readers. And as early as 2016, 68% of emails were opened on a mobile as opposed to desktop/laptop or tablet. Your words should be formatted into smaller pieces of text that work on smaller screens. Try fitting your email info into three sentences per paragraph and breaking it up by using our next tip…

  1. Make your email skim-able.

Use subheadings, bold and italic font formatting and bullet points/numbered lists. This allows your reader to scan your email for any important information that they want to find quickly. There is however, a fine line between using enough and too much formatting. You don’t want to make it distracting or confusing to read either, so just focus on the actual goal of the email. Are you trying to direct them to a call-to-action? Or share an important new update? Bold, enlarge, highlight etc. those parts of your email only.

  1. Timing is everything.

When are you going to hit send on your expertly-written email marketing content? To make sure it is actually opened and read, you want to send your emails between 6AM-9AM and/or 3PM-6PM. We’ve found that most people engage with their email marketing around these times, right when they wake up/commute to work and then again on the commute home.


If these tips were of value to you and your business, or if you’d like any further help implementing them, reach out to us here. Also, follow us on social media for more updates every time we post a blog, podcast or other helpful content (using the buttons in our header).

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